Year of Return: Africans in diaspora experience Pre-odwira at Mamfe Akuapem

Returning back through the “Door of no return”, the year of return which has brought home many popular household names in the movie and music industry in America and other blacks in the diaspora to Ghana to experience home after 400 hundred years of been taken away into slavery.

Some African-American in the diaspora have also arrived in Ghana to join in the celebration of the year of return. The group took a trip to manfe where they experienced the pre-odwira cultural festival with drumming and dancing. The group was so excited to be home and feel the rich culture of mother Ghana.

In an interview with one Anderson a diasporan, was asked about what it feels to be back home?.

He said it has always been his dream to come back home to the root. Coming back to see my people have lifted up my spirit, I feel so free and happy to be here. 400 hundred years ago our forefathers were taken away into slavery and today some of us who found ourselves in America as Black Americans, Jamaicans and other parts of the world are part of that lineage. The culture here is so rich, I love the dance and the beating of the drums.

The odwira festival which is scheduled on the 16-22 of September is been celebrated by the people of Akuapem. The cultural adventure shapes expression’s and opens up new possibilities.

This year odwira festival is to reintroduce everyone to the rich Akuapem traditions, music, art, fashion and foods that define the people of Akuapeman in the eastern region of Ghana.

Below are pictures from the pre-odwira cultural festival.

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