We will arrange tour buses at key locations to collect and drop off tour patrons. Shuttle buses will also be available to transport people going to the festival grounds. More details on cost and others will follow soon.

The festival ground (Akropong) is accessible via Aburi. Majority of activitieswill take place in the Akropong township however, key attractions and activities will begin from the toll booth heading to Peduase on the Aburi road.

There is a stand that handles items lost and found. The Odwira organizing committee therefore edges everyone to present what they have found during this period for the designated owners to receive it back.

The sales Booth(s) for vendors can be found on the event map and will have a variety of artifacts, t-shirts, jackets, backpacks, sweatshirts, souvenirs and more

There will be designated parking areas for visitors and participants of the festival. Parking areas are will be marked, lighted and secured. No overnight parking is permitted in the parking lots, there is no parking on the roads are permitted or on
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We are making every effort to create a safe environment for all visitors and residents for the festival. Public and private security, medical staff, as well First aid will be present throughout the entire event. The campgrounds will include both a Paramedic
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It is strictly prohibited to use or possess any illegal drugs or weapon on festival grounds. It is not tolerated and will be treated as an offense; police officers will be working at key areas and to enforce related laws. Violators will
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