To have a discussion or any association for that matter with ‘Heritage’ is to take a trip into your past either through your family or with society. Heritage is the value that stems from an existing group in the past and has been passed on due to its relevance and importance.

This shows that being connected to every heritage is a tradition. Traditions are important because they create a sense of belonging and meaning in our lives. It connects us and reminds us of who we are. From the songs that we sing, through to the food we eat and to the clothes we wear and the language we speak. We get to be identified as one.

Over the years, we stick to these traditions and go on with our daily lives. These traditions grow on us and become our heritage. As the world continues to become a global village, we need the occasion to look back to see our past in a bid to strengthen our future. Without our heritage, we are lost. We are subject to exploitation, manipulation, and deception.

This is not ours to keep. We also have to share them. The heritage of the past is the seed that brings forth the harvest of the future. Our future leaders will get to know the traditions we’ve kept for many lifetimes. They would learn from them, grow them and share them with the future generation to take them everywhere they go. Welcome to Odwira’21. Welcome to Oneness With Our Heritage